The P2P Power 50 2017

PEER-TO-PEER lending has rapidly grown into a multi-billion-pound industry, bringing together the best in banking and technology as well as lawyers, regulators, analysts and fund managers.

So, who are the key players influencing the UK’s P2P sector? The inaugural Peer2Peer Finance News Power 50 list aims to identify the big names in the industry who have helped it grow into a force to contend with over the past decade and who will play a key role in its future.

If P2P were a football match, albeit one with 50 players, these would be the first names on the teamsheet, the ones the fans print on the back of their shirts and chant from the terraces.

The list does not purely focus on the shining stars at the best-known platforms, but also considers the people working at the regulators and associations that help shape the sector, as well as the lawyers and analysts who have become the go-to source for industry research and comment.

Our top 10 list gives particular acknowledgement to the most influential individuals that we believe have helped establish the P2P brand or will be the biggest drivers in its future.

This is not to diminish the significance of the remaining 40 individuals. The Power 50 list highlights the brightest talent in P2P, coming from lenders, law firms, accountants, trade bodies, analysts, investors and the regulatory sphere.

Of course, gaining influence takes time and there are plenty of innovative players in this fast-moving industry who have not fully made their mark yet. As such, we have acknowledged the rising stars who are likely to take pride of place in the Power 50 in the coming years.

There are no rankings, aside from the special mention given to the top 10 entrants, so all sections are compiled in alphabetical order.